Taeha Types
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  1. Gather the necessary parts for the build

    • $1800 minimum - Get a bespoke case designed and manufactured through me, tailored to your tastes. I will also help you gather the other necessary parts as well


    • Flat build service fee dependent on size of keyboard (pricing in form below) - Provide the keyboard case, PCB, plate, switches, and stabilizers yourself (while keycaps aren’t necessary, would be a bonus if you sent them as well, especially if the layout requires less common keys)

  2. Ship everything to me

  3. I build your keyboard

    • Will be live streamed for video record/engaging channel content on my Twitch

  4. Invoice sent for build services + return shipping to be paid for by customer

  5. Finished commission gets sent back to you!


  • I do not offer switch modding services

  • No lead time guaranteed

    • I will try to open/close my build services appropriately so that my queue is not too long

    • This is not my full time job and I will prioritize other things (such as time-sensitive review videos for my YouTube) with my discretion

    • As of now, I intend to work on at least 1 board a week

  • I will return the board in the same packaging I received it in and am not responsible for any damage due to shipping

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Once you’ve read and understand the above, it’s time.

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