Taeha Types
Luxury Mechanical Keyboards



  1. Gather the necessary parts for the build.

    • $1800 starting - Get a bespoke case designed and manufactured through Taeha Types, tailored to your tastes. Consultation for switches and keycaps provided as well. (currently closed)


    • Client provides the necessary parts for keyboard assembly.

  2. Client ships everything to Taeha Types.

  3. Keyboard will be built live on stream on Twitch. Assembly rates are as follows:

    • $60 // Macropads

    • $80 // Anything in between a macropad and 60% keyboards

    • $100 // 60% keyboards

    • $110 // 65% keyboards

    • $120 // 75% keyboards

    • $130 // 80% or TKL keyboards

    • $140 // Anything larger

  4. Invoice sent for build services + return shipping to be paid for by client.

  5. Finished commission gets shipped to client.


  • Unless opting for the bespoke service, switch modding services are NOT offered.

  • Shipping to be covered both ways by client.

  • No lead time guaranteed, time-sensitive items such as reviews for Taeha Types may be prioritized at their discretion but the client can expect to receive their keyboard back within a reasonable time frame.

  • Keyboard will be returned in the same packaging it was received in. Taeha Types is not responsible for any damage due to shipping.

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